About Online Schools in Mississippi

Get an education and boost your job profile in today’s competitive employment market. Mississippi online schools are one way to improve your resume, gain necessary job training, and compete with trained applicants across the state and beyond. Mississippi had a population of 2,984,926 in 2012, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates. The state boasts 209,408 veterans and 80.3 percent of the population over age 25 has graduated high school, according to data between 2007 and 2011.

Despite high school graduation rates which approach the national average, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that only 19.7 percent of individuals over age 25 held a bachelor’s degree or higher in Mississippi (2007-2011 statistics). For potential students of Mississippi online colleges, the relatively low higher education completion rate means that education and training can go a long way to help you stand out from the crowd. Take a look at Mississippi education facts and figures and learn more about how online study can fit into your college plans.

Top 5 Benefits of Online Colleges in Mississippi

Mississippi is home to 40 Title IV degree-granting universities, the National Center for Education Statistics reports. Mississippi online colleges are just a few of the options for an education in the state, and online education comes with big benefits for students. Some love the chance to chat, collaborate and learn with students outside their community, while others appreciate the flexibility of online coursework. Whether you’re a busy professional, a single parent, or a busy high school graduate, Mississippi online schools offer some real benefits.

  1. More Choices for Your Education

    In the past, you needed to live close to a college to attend. With today’s online schools in Mississippi, however, you can go to school from anywhere. This is a huge benefit for students who need to be close to their hometowns to take care of ailing relatives or stay close to partners or children. From the Mississippi Delta to the Coastal Plain, as long as you have access to a computer and an internet connection, you can earn a degree in Mississippi.

  2. Better Learning Options

    Whether collaborating with your fellow students is your style or reviewing a lecture via audio or video, online colleges in Mississippi have you covered. Online programs may include chat rooms, web forums, phone or video chat, audio or video lecture, and more. Different schools have different modes of learning and the right school for you should teach you in a way you can most easily learn.

  3. Accessible Course Materials

    Mississippi boasts 141 central and branch libraries, the National Center for Education Statistics reports. Just like your local library, Mississippi online schools come packed with a wealth of information in the form of online course materials. Some online programs have fully digital libraries, while others make it easy to view and print your course materials.

  4. Learn at Your Own Pace

    As anyone with a job knows, the working world doesn’t always come with a standard schedule. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over 1.3 million workers earned a paycheck in Mississippi in February of 2013. Many of those workers could benefit from the flexibility offered at online colleges in Mississippi. Watch half a lecture video and save the rest for when you have more time; students can even log on and complete coursework in the middle of the night.

  5. Freedom of Communication

    Communication is essential to learning, and online schools in Mississippi cater to communication in a number of ways. From chat rooms and web forums to professor email and phone office hours, it’s easy to get in touch with professors and peers in the online learning environment. Whether you’re new to online education or a seasoned expert, you can enjoy the real benefits of getting in touch.

Why Mississippi Online Colleges Succeed

Making the jump from traditional middle and high school education to online schools in Mississippi might seem like a risky venture, but the benefits are proven. A study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education has recently found that students who undergo distance learning programs perform slightly better than students who learn the same material in a traditional classroom. For potential students, the benefit is clear: online education is worth considering.

Distance learning programs offer specific advantages to learners. Advances in learning technology have meant new applications in online courses, including real-time polling, video conferencing, and content generated based on student feedback. The online educational world is changing as rapidly as technology allows, and students benefit from the updates.

Mississippi Online Schools Meeting Demand

U.S. Census population estimates from 2012 show population growth in Mississippi, particularly in the southern coastal counties. More individuals in the state mean more competition for jobs, and education becomes more crucial for job applicants. Fortunately, as population grows in the Magnolia State, Mississippi online colleges meet the demand.

The Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid provides about $30 million per year for students to attend college every year. Programs like the Mississippi Resident Tuition Assistance Grant, the Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant, and the Higher Education Legislative Plan for Needy Students all exist solely to help needy and worthy students achieve their dream of higher education. Online colleges in Mississippi are also sensitive to financial need, and many offer scholarships and other aid programs to veterans, working parents, and other potential students in need.

Online education has seen a renaissance in the past five years, and will only continue to advance. Students of online schools in Mississippi benefit from more access and options than ever before. As population in Mississippi continues to grow and the job search grows more selective and competitive, graduates of online colleges and universities can use an education to their advantage.

Mississippi Higher Education and Demographic Information and Resources:


School Name Program Types Enrollment
Academy of Hair Design Four Campus, Online 67
Academy of Hair Design One Campus, Online 39
Academy of Hair Design Three Campus, Online 129
Alcorn State University Campus, Online 4,018
Antonelli College-Hattiesburg Campus, Online 368
Antonelli College-Jackson Campus, Online 632
Belhaven University Campus, Online 3,071
Blue Cliff College-Gulfport Campus, Online 335
Blue Mountain College Campus, Online 555
Chris Beauty College Campus, Online 100
Coahoma Community College Campus, Online 2,999
Copiah-Lincoln Community College Campus, Online 3,709
Corinth Academy of Cosmetology Campus, Online 101
Creations College of Cosmetology Campus, Online 59
Day Spa Career College Campus, Online 59
Delta Beauty College Campus, Online 52
Delta State University Campus, Online 4,624
Delta Technical College Campus, Online 612
East Central Community College Campus, Online 3,049
East Mississippi Community College Campus, Online 4,851
Final Touch Beauty School Campus, Online 15
Fosters Cosmetology College Campus, Online 25
Healing Touch Career College Campus, Online 49
Hinds Community College Campus, Online 12,708
Holmes Community College Campus, Online 6,494
Infinity Career College Campus, Online 134
Infinity Career College Campus, Online 67
Itawamba Community College Campus, Online 6,842
ITT Technical Institute — Madison Campus, Online, Hybrid 197
Jackson State University Campus, Online 8,903
Jones County Junior College Campus, Online 4,778
KC’s School of Hair Design Campus, Online Unknown
Magnolia College of Cosmetology Campus, Online 169
Meridian Community College Campus, Online 4,019
Midwest Technical Institute Campus, Online Unknown
Miller-Motte Technical College-Gulfport Campus, Online 130
Millsaps College Campus, Online 985
Mississippi College Campus, Online 5,218
Mississippi College of Beauty Culture Campus, Online 92
Mississippi Delta Community College Campus, Online 3,283
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Campus, Online 9,972
Mississippi Institute of Aesthetics Nails & Cosmetology Campus, Online 67
Mississippi State University Campus, Online 20,424
Mississippi University for Women Campus, Online 2,661
Mississippi Valley State University Campus, Online 2,452
Northeast Mississippi Community College Campus, Online 3,633
Northwest Mississippi Community College Campus, Online 8,061
Pearl River Community College Campus, Online 5,390
Rust College Campus, Online 922
Southeastern Baptist College Campus, Online 65


School Name Program Types Enrollment
Southwest Mississippi Community College Campus, Online 2,128
Strayer University-Mississippi Campus, Online 313
The Academy of Hair Design Six Campus, Online 107
Tougaloo College Campus, Online 945
Traxlers School of Hair Campus, Online 33
University of Mississippi Campus, Online 18,224
University of Mississippi Medical Center Campus, Online 2,016
University of Phoenix — Jackson Campus Campus, Online, Hybrid 56
University of Southern Mississippi Campus, Online 16,604
Virginia College-Biloxi Campus, Online 457
Virginia College-Jackson Campus, Online 420
Wesley Biblical Seminary Campus, Online 107
William Carey University Campus, Online 3,703