Best Beaches in Mississippi

A trip to the Deep South wouldn’t be quite as magical without a trip to the Gulf Coast. The beaches in Mississippi are unforgettable and worth every mile that it takes to get to them! As you cruise down U.S. Highway 90, it is easy to see why locals refer to it as Beach Boulevard. Sprawling ahead of you like sparkling white diamonds are 26 miles of pure heaven. The white sands and glimmering shoreline of Mississippi is simply breathtaking.

The barrier islands ward off rough waters, resulting in a cove of warm, calm waves that trickle in to the shore. This is the perfect spot for water activities, children to play, and serene sunbathing. There are many places to stop along the stretch of highway to allow access to the beaches. Near Gulfport and Biloxi are the areas of Pass Christian and Long Beach. These are quiet stretches of beach which offer a tranquil getaway for sweethearts and picnickers. There are also many protected areas which offer sanctuary for the endangered local bird species, the Least Terns.

If you are a surfer who is looking for adventure, you will enjoy West Ship Island. There are daily passages from Gulfport Small Craft Harbor which will take you to the island so you can enjoy the local surfing, swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. West Ship Island was recently dubbed one of the top ten beaches in the country.

Biloxi Beach is a popular place for surfing, fishing, and swimming. There are picnic areas, showers, hotels, parking, and plenty of food and fun on the boardwalk. Biloxi Beach is located between Ocean Springs and Gulfport and is easy accessible from tourist towns and has public transportation.

Pass Christian and Long Beach are luxurious beaches with plenty of activities and gorgeous scenery to enjoy. Pass Christian is known as the “Birthplace of Yachting in the South” and was often frequented by Teddy Roosevelt who would sail and write on the beaches. This is a superb fishing spot!

Bay St. Louis is west of Long Beach and is a lovely community resort with many upscale restaurants and the Hollywood Casino. This is the highest point along the coast and offers excellent views and plenty of fun for couples and families!

Although many coastal towns and islands were damaged by Hurricane Katrina, almost all of them are up and running today. These beach communities provide months of excellent summer activities and tourist attractions for your enjoyment. The casinos and shopping centers are posh and filled with well-known brands of merchandise as well as locally crafted trinkets to represent your visit to the Deep South. The local beaches and resort towns are filled with top-notch restaurants, offering eclectic native cuisine and a vibrant night life for when you are done with the beach for the day and ready to hit the town! The amazing places and faces of Mississippi will leave you with a lasting impression and have you eager to come back for your next visit.